Make your own towns with towny and become a ruller of an epic empire, or stay a hermit with your friends in the woods and have a nice little village.


Your future is yours, you decide.

Rise up the ranks, become a king, or if you can afford it, an EMPEROR. with 11 ranks, and amazing perks in each rank let you rule like a master.

Inexpensive honor ranks that work in all servers! pay once, get them on all servers they have perks in!


With a max honor rank cost per item being $40USD they are always affordable!

Honor Rank perks:
3 homes


crate keys

2 rows of a private backpack

4 homes


crate keys

4 rows of a private backpack


5 homes



many crate keys

premium cosmetics

extra CE slots on all items

6 rows of a private backpack

Non-Premium Features:
Amazing custom road plots.

70x70 plots to build anything you want inside them.


Rankup via ratings and get more world edit abilities!


With voxel sniper and gobrush for the higher ranks we provide everything you desire to build epic creations


Premium Features:
epic custom roads that make you feel like your in the jungle.


150x150 plots to get crazy build made.


ELITE rank members get 1 plot here seprate of your normal world benifits.

DELUXE rank members get 2 plots and the ability to merge them.

Simple basic skyblock with a basis around stability and ease of use.


we will not be adding any major updates or addons to this gamemode for the near future.

skyblock and minigames

Soon to be released cutsom kit pvp and skywars.